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We welcomed our first resident in early July!
For those interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete the volunteer interest form found here–

Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home

comfort and care at the end of life

Circle Home in Kingston, NY

Our Vision

At Circle Home, we work to bring about a society that mindfully accepts death as a part of everyday life by extending compassionate end-of-life care to those in need. We’ve seen firsthand how the opportunity to serve the dying by providing a home and a circle of support opens hearts and enhances all our lives.

Our Mission

We strive for nothing less than creating a safe, comfortable, home-like space where individuals, with a prognosis of three months or less to live, can dwell in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility at their end of life. Cared for by a professional staff and trained community volunteers, these individuals and their loved ones can be assured of round-the-clock attention to their needs.

Our Goal

Our home is the first comfort care home for the dying in the Mid-Hudson Valley, a goal made possible by the bequest of a lovely house owned by the late Jim Gohlke. Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home, to open to residents in 2023, will support two residents at a time in well-appointed ADA-compliant living quarters and accommodations for visitors.

“The vision of establishing a ‘good place to die’ is about our innate capacity to care for one another. It is about changing the ways we think, talk about, relate to, and care for those who are dying. It’s about creating a good place to live.”

Elise Lark, PhD, LCSW, APHSW-C