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Newsletter~Summer 2023

Sometimes, you just want this early summer weather to last forever…
But nothing lasts forever. Dying and death do not wait. And unforeseen circumstances blow in like pollution from distant fires. Which is why CFD has been working hard these past six months to complete the renovation of Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home and train our staff and volunteers. Opening the door to welcome our first residents as soon as possible has been our goal.
Now Circle Home is ready at last! And our first resident is scheduled to move in on July 10th! Along with sprucing up the garden and adding finishing touches to the home’s interior, we’ve held onsite trainings for volunteers and led tours of the property for small community groups—all in hopes of inspiring people to join in our mission: the compassionate care of those who need it most.
What could be more rewarding than easing the pain, stress, and fear of an individual enduring their last uncertain days? What could be more humane than treating them with respect and dignity as they make the transition off this mortal coil? And what kind of a society would consider it an honorable gesture to do so, to help people accept death and die in peace?
The CFD Board Members, past and present, envision such a society—one that does not turn away from the end of life. One that believes the possibility that a good death can be had, and then takes action to live with purpose in the end-of-life matter we all face—our mortality. As CFD Co-Founder Barbara Sarah says, “Live well. Die better.”
In anticipation of welcoming our first resident to Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home on July 10th, we held a home blessing with several faiths represented. A plaque of appreciation was presented to our three co-founders, Barbara Sarah, Elise Lark, and Laurie Schwartz. honoring their vision and dedication to the mission of CFD.