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Wish List

Give a little – get a lot of satisfaction

Thank you for considering a donation of something that will make our residents at Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home feel honored and cherished. You can check our wish lists for House & Office and Residents & Family Guests by clicking Always Needed, and if you have specific questions–give us a call at 845 802-0970.

Or…our Wish Lists on Amazon, Walmart, and Target are easy to fill. Place an order for us or purchase a gift card while you are shopping for yourself!




Or… if you prefer to shop locally at your favorite stores, like Adams Fairacre Farms, Herzog’s Hardware, Hannaford Supermarkets, and many other independent merchants, these items are things that are needed on a regular basis: paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent and bleach, dish soap and dishwasher soap, coffee and tea, health supplies, adult diapers, baby wipes, store gift cards, and much more. (Click Always Needed, please.)

You can have items shipped to us or drop them off yourself, Monday through Friday at: 100 Wurts Street, Kingston, NY 12401. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

Or…looking for a creative way to donate to Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home? Sign up to Pay-a-Bill,  a regular bill-paying commitment to pay specific bills monthly, quarterly, or annually. Help us keep the electricity, gas, phone and internet services flowing! Find out how by reaching out to